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This introduction intends to offer information about the different industrial logistic programs designed at Shitauke Corp.

Taking into account their functionalism they can be organized into four groups:

  1. Programs related to Dimensioning.
  2. Programs related to cálculo de Handling Means.
  3. Programs related to Product Distribution.
  4. Other Programs related to logistic design.


The most importantcharacteristics of our softwares are the following:


Furthermore, in the case of handling softwares, and according to the complexity of the calculations to be performed, each one of the programs in question can be assisted by a real simulation module.

All of them have been developed by the Informatics and Logistics technicians of SHITAUKE CORP. and, as time has gone by, they have undergone a whole series of updatings .

They are, therefore, exclusive and, in certain cases, unique softwares in the European logistic panorama.

With the purpose of making it easy for the user to handle the data obtained, the option D.D.E. (Dynamic Data Exchange) has been included in practically all the softwares , this permits the exchange of results and data from the programs with utilities from Windows, such as Excel, Word, etc.

On the other hand, and in consonance with the present programming trends, for the sake of enhancing their use, the last versions of our softwares are framed within the object- oriented event-directed programming, which, through the use of controls from Windows, permits a fast acquaintance with the program.


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