Surface Dimensioning and Warehouse Volumetry.

Logístics and Production

The dimensioning program for the volumetry and surface of a warehouse available at Shitauke Corp.es: DIMALCON.

DIMALCON contains 7 different modules, valid for 7 different types of warehouse (Conventional shelving, Drive-in, Block storage, Cantilever, Triangular, Cabinets and dynamics), and performs, a bidirectional calculation at the operator's request, that is:

The underlying principle in the use of both programs is to obtain a first knowledge of the future warehouse, according to the work methodology.

Once the warehouse is designed, and at the designer's request, its data are automatically transferred to an Autocad file(*.DWG) in order to work, if desired, with this program or another one having similar characteristics.

DIMALCON saves between 90% and 95% of the time spent at traditional design and, together with the calculation program for handling machines and the calculation program for construction costs, it permits a real simulation of the studied solutions.

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