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Shitauke Corp. has collaborated, since its establishment, with the IIR company in the diffusion and logistic training, as well as in the formation of people related to industrial maintenance.
The Institute for International Research (IIR) is an international group specialized in the organization of seminars for Directors and Managers and its objective is to supply updated information about the themes that, because of their content and evolution, are interesting for enterprise development.

The sessions in which it has participated, as well as a brief description and summary of the interventions of Shitauke Corp. , are listed below.

  1. The Optimización of the Logistic Chain Management in the Distribution Area.

    Place and Date:
    January, 1.993
    Title of the paper: "How to design a Storage System".
    The paper was aimed at showing the different phases in which a warehouse design project is divided, and it featured two principal trends: the new warehouse and the modified warehouse.
    Index of the lecture:
    - Introduction.
    - General phases, range and exclusions.
    - Phases of the conception project.
    - Data synthesis.
    - Alternatives to be studied: solutions.

    Participation: 18 persons from a total of 15 companies.

  2. The Efficacious Warehouse.

    Place and Date:
    January, 1.994.
    Title of the paper: "Economical advantages of an informatic warehouse design of"
    Partly an extension of the paper that had been presented the first year which was, on the other hand, widely advertised, this paper highlighted the importance of carrying out many of the calculations for design and, above all, for daily practical management through informatic programs.
    Index of the lecture:
    - What can be projected informatically?
    - Which causes generate the need for the project?
    - Phases of the logistic project.
    - Data synthesis.
    - Optimization of solutions by means of computerized algorithms.
    - Short, medium and long term economical advantages.

    35 persons from a total of 32 companies.

  3. Warehouse Integrated Management.

    Place and Date:
    Madrid, May, 1.996
    Title of the paper: "Objectives of the re-dispatch platform or cross-docking in integrated management"
    The presentation was aimed at displaying the possibilities of cross-docking in the present and, even more, in the coming years, showing a series of practical cases in the places where it had been carried out.
    The most important points into which the presentation was divides were the following:
    - Introduction.
    - More important applications.
    - Work methodology.
    - Associated informatics.
    - Calculation of the number of docks.
    - Integration of the relationships between the customer and the supplier.

    [In construction]Participation: xx persons from a total of xx companies.

  4. Maintenance and Spare-Part Treatment Warehouse.

    Place and Date:
    Madrid, January, 1.997.
    Title of the paper: "New techniques to optimize the administrative management of the maintenance warehouse: codification of spare parts and importance of the documentary trashabilidad."
    The presentation was aimed at showing the people in charge of maintenance areas, the possibilities offered by the Web at the beginning of the year 1997 in the treatment of spare parts, and above all, it was aimed at making them aware of their need to enter the world of Internet in order to profit from the advantages of spare parts control in suppliers.
    Index of the paper:
    - Introduction.
    - Design of administrative management.
    - Implantation of the designed system.
    - Basic types of codification.
    - The future of administrative management:

    [In construction]Participation: xx persons from a total of xx companies.

  5. Integrated Warehouse Management in the logistic chain.

    Place and Date:
    Barcelona, February, 1.997
    Title of the paper: "How to minimize investment and maximize operativeness by means of the automation of the warehouse, the picking zone and the dispatch area."
    The paper, aimed at highly prepared proffesionals, can be summarized in two parts. One of them shows the economic and technical advantages of certain systems versus others, and the second part shows calculation informatic programs in order to demonstrate through them how it was possible to minime investment and maximize operativeness in a warehouse.
    Index of the paper:
    - Introduction.
    - Computerized design of the key zones.
    - Stockage systems.
    - Handling systems.
    - Order preparation systems: wave, sequential, and mixed methodology.
    - The future: interactive computerized simulation
    - Calculation of lift trucks.
    - Calculation of stacker cranes.

    [In construction]Participation: xx persons from a total of xx companies.

If you want further information about any of these presentations, or their documentation , don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

The cost of each documentation is 25.000 pts. (IVA not included) and the supplying period is 1 week upon receipt of your order.


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