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Shitauke Corp. has collaborated with the IESE at the University of Navarra within the organization called "Centro de Excelencia de las Operaciones (CEO)" belonging to the aforesaid Institute of Higher Studies of the Company (IESE).

The collaboration, centered on the diffusion of informatic programs linked to logistics, received even an economic donation from Shitauke Corp. in order to help the Navarrese organization in the training of the participants from their companies.

The presentation, carried out by Shitauke Corp. was developed by several persons among whom we can highlight:
Rafael Pina as General Director of the company, and José Toharia as Development Informatics Director.
The presentation had as its central point the first public appearance of the programs called PALOPT and DIMALCON about pallet marquetry design and warehouse design respectively.
In a supplementary way, the SHICARRE and SHIAUTO programs, for the calculation of lift trucks and stacker cranes, were also presented. The latter was accompanied by a computerized real-simulation module.

The participation proved to be an unprecedented success both for the quantity and the quality of the participants, among which preeminent position was occupied by the following companies:

As a consequence of this intervention we have received numerous requests for the presentation of these programs, at both a general and an individual level, which we have tried to carry out within our possibilities.


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