Shitauke Corp. is specialized engineering and counselling on both internal and distribution logistics in storage and production processes.

Shitauke Corp. develops all the operative phases of an engineering; from the conception study to the realization of the project, within the greatest variety of sectors.



Our most important INTERVENTION FIELDS are the following:


Our main activities are centered on practically all the fields of applied logistics and industrial maintenance:

Storage, Rationalization of Production and Handling, Reengineering, Order Preparation and Classification Systems, Stock Saving, Distribution Systems, Industrial Auditing, Location of Warehouses and Factories, Automated Systems, Industrial Robotics and Informatics, Industrial Profitability, Computer-Assisted Maintenance, Feasibility Studies, etc...

Our company, created in 1.990, has a series of official homologations (Ministry of Industry and Energy, CIDEM of the "Generalitat de Catalunya", IMPIVA of the "Generalitat Valenciana", etc...), and besides, it is a member of the principal associations with analogous activities as for instance the C.E.L. (Spanish Center of Logistics).

Finally, in spite of the youth of its activity, it has carried out projects, implantations and installations for numerous and important Companies, both Spanish and multinational:

Renault, Coca-Cola, Myrurgia, Ram, Galletas Marbú, Conservas Cidacos, Mango, Abbott Laboratories, Sport Enebe, Grupo Johnson & Johnson, Grupo Simón, GDI, Emi-Virgin-Hispavox, Vincke, Grupo Ifa, Kanguros, Puleva, Staff Ibérica, Cristalería Española, Perfumería Gal, Central Lechera Asturiana, Musgo, Danosa, Cadelpsa, Coats Fabra, etc...


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