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Appearances in the Specialized Press:

Shitauke Corp. has appeared in the specialized press on numerous occasions, both in publications or books on logistics and in sectorial magazines from the broad Spanish industrial spectrum.

It is worthy to highlight our constant appearances in the magazines "Manutención y almacenaje" (Handling and Storage), "Logística Industrial 2.000" (Industrial Logistics 2.000)and "Stock" where, on the one hand, we have published numerous articles with our signature and, on the other hand, echoing our activities, these publications have included news about our accomplishments or about our fields of performance.

Below we list some of the recently published articles:

Magazine: Alimentación: Equipos y Tecnología, Nº 2
Date: March, 1.997
Title: "How to design a food warehouse"
Author: Angel Garrido, Chief of Projects of Shitauke Corp.
Magazine: Logística Industrial-2000
Date: November, 1.996
Title: "Calculation of the optimal marquetry of a pallet"[In construction]
Author: Shitauke Corp.
Magazine: Stock
Date: October, 1.996
Title: "Palopt v3.3, Informatic program of Shitauke Corp."[In construction]

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Appearances in the National Press:

Numerous have also been our appearances in most of the communication media, both newspapers and magazines, of national circulation.

Some of them have corresponded to interviews conceded to different journalists who, in diverse publications, have informed their readers about the installations carried out by Shitauke.

The appearances have been constant in the specialized economic newspapers: Gaceta de los Negocios, Cinco Días, Expansión y el Nuevo Lunes (Business Gazette, Five Days, Expansion and The New Monday), as well as in a great part of the economic information weekly magazines: Tribuna, Actualidad Económica, etc

The relation of national diffusion newspapers contemplates a really great panel, which includes newspapers from both the big cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, La Coruña) and practically all the provinces where we have carried out projects or we have given sectorial lectures.

One of our most frequent appearances originates in one of the aspects that make Shitauke a differentiated engineering: the fulfillment of our projects based upon the application of informatic programs of our own design and accomplished in Spain.

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Appearances as Logistics Counsellors:

One of the appearances we feel most satisfied with was the collaboration that we kept for several years with La Gaceta de los Negocios, in a central and extraordinary leaflet, where we answered questions about logistics from the readers of that newspaper. The leaflet had a weekly issue and the success, in virtue of the number of consultations received, has always filled us with satisfaction.

The consultations came from both big factories and Pymes, and even from professionals relatedto or interested in logistic themes.
When the answer so required, thanks to the effort of the collaborators of that newspaper, we could include as many graphs as we thought convenient.

Some of the questions we were asked are presented in the Section of Questions and Answers about Logistics.

If you want to ask us any question we consider to be of general interest, its answer will come out in the next few days.

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