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At Shitauke Corp. we are different from our competitors, possibly because our opinion about traditional counselling usually resembles the expression:

" ç´+`¡>¡''+ç´ç<ç`'+'¡ç´+`'¡¡!$·%·&/%$&·/·/(%$&Ǩ*^*ǨÇÇ^*^ "

The members of our company, the majority with industrial experience, have spent many hours, days, months, years in companies like our customers', but on the other side of the fence where we are today, that is, working from the inside, and for that reason we know, or at least we are close to knowing, what is needed there.

From this starting point, which is absolutely conceptual, is that our differences are really derived, differences that apart from being numerous, are very deep:

  1. An excellent relation between the quality and the price of our jobs.
    We are not a company that does things in eight days and charges four "duros".
    If you are looking for something economic and in seven lines, search among our competitors who, perhaps, could solve your problem.

  2. The industrial experience of our members.
    Experience in factories and warehouses of different industrial sectors and in different positions: logistics, engineering, production, maintenance, etc.
    If you are looking for "theory", "trends" or "philosophy" also resort to some of our competitors; if what you need is calculation capacity and practical experience, we believe you have already found a good partner: Shitauke Corp.

  3. The use of exclusive informatic means.
    Our software is very extensive, more than 25 programs, 75% of which, approximately, are not known by our competitors around the world.
    If you are looking for modern, accurate means that can simulate real situations, don't waste time and don't search out of here.

  4. The dedication to purely logistic and manufacturing aspects.

    We are devoted to what we really know and to what we can always respond properly. We are specialists in the subject, but we are not, nor we want to be, one of the companies that replies "YES, IT IS INDEED OUR SPECIALTY" to the question "Do you apply gotelé paint to the shell of river crabs?", and are even able to find several references bearing a strong similarity with the job requested.
    For themes related to "gotelé", search in the WEB, in the Yellow Pages or in the American WYP and, of course, among part of our competence. Besides, if the competence gets you to provide them with a job in such an "interesting" area, it will leave us free for our logistic activity.

  5. Commercial independence.
    We do not belong to any industrial, commercial or financial group, nor do we have any type of agreement with any of the equipment, informatic or construction suppliers that are related with our activities.
    If you are looking for the equipment that best suits your characteristics, count on us to obtain it or find it, but if you already know, "congratulations", and may your choice be the right one.

  6. The depth and professionalism of our performance.
    We always approach our projects and realizations within the frame of a reliable and safe structure for each of our customers. This implies doing our work with all detail and maximum professionalism.
    We do not have many customers, but where we are, we devote ourselves intensely, and it is our greatest satisfaction to be called the second, third and fourth time.
    Some of us, in spite of our youth, have already been called five times.
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Back to the Beginning (Human Resources)

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