Logístics and Production

Shitauke Corp. Logístics and Production Engineering is an engineering company of industrial span devoted, mainly, to four Activity Sectors:

Our company has carried out projects and installations in practically all the industrial sectors, both production and storage and distribution.

It has no links with any industrial or financial group and it is independent from any informatic, constructive, or other engineering, as well as from any equipment manufacturer.

The company has carried out numerous and important projects for Companies of great national and international resonance:

Renault, Coca-Cola, Myrurgia, Ram, Galletas Marbú, Conservas Cidacos, Mango, Abbott Laboratories, Sport Enebe, Grupo Johnson & Johnson, Grupo Simón, GDI, Emi-Virgin-Hispavox, Vincke, Grupo Ifa, Kanguros, Puleva, Staff Ibérica, Cristalería Española, Perfumería Gal, Central Lechera Asturiana, Musgo, Danosa, Cadelpsa, Coats Fabra, etc...


The total investments in projects carried out by Shitauke Corp. surpasses the 20.000 million pesetas.

The Company has Software of exclusive design (25 programs) for the estimation of warehouses, factories and transportation and distribution systems. This software is not commercialized, constituting part of the know-how of the company.
the capital is 100% national and it belongs to workers of the company itself which is made up, mainly, of Qualified personnel (Technical and Superior Engineers) with industrial experience.

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