Logístics and Production


Independence from the Construction Sector.

Independence from any Supplier.

Independence from Financial or Industrial Groups.

Independence from the Informatic Sector.



In both design and execution itself.

AtShitauke Corp. we are aware of the proportionality used in the world related to civil engineering and associated general installations, so that the bigger the works are, in surface or in volume, the greater the benefit for the engineerings or the builders.

We are well acquainted with this market, which usually works after us (in fact, on certain occasions we have done construction jobs), but we do not belong to any group or company, we are not shared, and, of course, we don't have any participation in any of the hundreds of engineerings existing in Spain.

We ourselves have done constructive engineering, but always after logistics engineering, which is the one that objectively determines the surface and the associated work method.

We even have a construction costs program of our own design which allows us to compare, in an impartial way, the costs of the different sheds derived from the designed logistic scenario.

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From both equipment and service suppliers.

Shitauke has no formal relationship with any machinery, equipment or service supplier, thus being absolutely independent from them in any of the design and realization stages of our projects.

Besides, Shitauke has created its own informatic programs, to be able to compare, with equanimity, the different handling equipment that these suppliers offer.

In this sense, Shitauke Corp. is highly qualified to determine the different handling means (cars, lift trucks, transpallets, trucks with up and down driver's tower, stacker cranes, rotating conveyors, lifts and AGV´s), so that for a concrete implantation and with the knowledge of nominal values only (speeds, accelerations, maximum height attainable, etc) of the different brands and/or models, we can determine the one which can be better adapted to our customers' needs.

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From all industrial, banking or financial groups.

Shitauke Corp. is not a branch of any foreign company that may condition our development to their own interests, or that may determine, according to supranational interests dubiously useful for our customers, negative specializations per countries in limited activity fields.

Shitauke does not belong to, nor is shared by any industrial or financial group. Its shares belong to its employees, who thus have a great interest in making their company an enterprise both stable in its functioning and serious in its commitments.

If any of the partners abandoned his working relationship with Shitauke, the company has protected itself with the contractual obligation to resell its shares according to the company requirements.

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In both hardware and software.

The fourth cardinal pillar of our functioning is our absolute independence from the informatic sector, so that neither in this direction do we have obligations to any supplier in any of the existing platforms.

Shitauke Corp. maintains excellent relationships with those informatic suppliers of both hardware and software that, because of the capacity of their programs or equipment and, above all, because of the seriousness of their performance, have become worthy, with time, of being our collaborators and of having, therefore, our recommendation.

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