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Shitauke Corp. is an engineering with 100% Spanish capital whose activity is the realization of studies and subsequent installations in an exclusively industrial framework.

Since our constitution, half of our work, approximately, has been devoted to the industrial aspect of production or maintenance ,and the other half to activities closely related to storage logistics and subsequent distribution.

In the field of design, one of our specialties, 45% has been marked by the realization of new factories or warehouses, devoting the remaining 55% to improving existing warehouse or factory facilities.

We are a very specialized company that uses all its human and technical resources in deepening precisely there where we are specialists.

Many customers ask us about the meaning of the word Shitauke. The name of the company came out of the first mistake we made at our birth, because "shitauke" is the name with which the Japanese refer to the "pyme", and at first we thought that our customers were also going to be. However, the reality of our references has been completely different. We were comforted by the thought that Ramón Areces also said his biggest professional mistake had been to call his company "El Corte Inglés"...

The company, of recent creation (founded in 1.990), has had from the beginning a highly qualified technical staff with great industrial experience, both in storage systems and in productive processes.

Shitauke Corp. has carried out projects and introduced solutions of enormous relevance, both because of the magnitude of the frame in which we have worked, and also because of the innovation that many of our contributions have implied.

Our company bases an important part of its work upon the "real simulation" of the alternatives it implements, this simulation being supported, in turn, by the more than twenty softwares of our own making (not marketable) that we have.

This no-software-commercialization policy could be changed in the next few years. In fact, at the end of 1.996, in an experimental way and with a very favourable welcome, Shitauke began to commercialize the PALOPT software which is used to optimize the marquetry of the pallets.

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